Flexible Pricing

Choose a subscription plan that works best for you and your team. Whether you’re an independent podcaster producing one show a month or an agency producing hundreds, there’s a plan for you. All prices include VAT and you can upgrade whenever you need to with pro rata billing.

Supported payment methods

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Frequently Asked Billing Questions

When does my payment method get charged?

You will be charged when you first sign up to a paid plan for the upcoming month of usage. You will then be charged at the start of each new billing cycle.

Can I cancel or change my plan at any time?

Yes you are free to cancel or switch at any time and you can manage everything yourself.

Whilst logged in, go to your account settings screen (far right of the top navigation bar) and then scroll down to the subscription plan section. Details of the current plan will be shown (if on a paid plan). There is a link to cancel near the currently chosen plan name. Below this are all the other available plans listed which you can then select if you want to switch.

Does unused allowance carry over at the end of the month?

No, you cannot accumulate credit that you haven’t used. Your allowance is reset at the start of each new billing cycle.

What happens if I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

When you upgrade, the pro-rata amount is charged just for the days remaining until the end of your usual billing cycle end date. The full, higher plan amount will then be charged at the start of each subsequent billing cycle start date.

If you downgrade there is no pro-rating but you will get charged the new lower amount at the start of the next billing cycle.

How can I keep track of my usage?

At the top of your dashboard and account screens you can see the number of minutes remaining and a progress bar for the current billing cycle.

Can I share my account with others?

Yes, we don’t mind how many people you let use your account. We don’t charge based on team size, just on the data processing/storing and for priority support.

What happens to my data if I cancel my plan?

Your account remains active and you move onto the free tier. All the reports you created on your paid plan remain visible until the standard retention period expires.

Are billing cycles aligned to calendar months, i.e. should I wait until the start of next month?

No, each customer’s billing cycle starts on the day of the month their current paid plan started. If a user signs up to a plan on the 20th January, it will renew on the 20th February.

Any other questions?

Just hit us up using the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner and we’ll get right back to you.