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Restarted Sentences

Last updated: 23 May 2022

In scripted scenarios voice artists will sometimes misread and want to record the sentence again. If a proper note of this isn’t made at the time of recording then the person editing often won’t notice and the mistake won’t get cut out. This is especially true if you do not have enough time or budget to do a full proofing of the file before publishing.

Through our use of machine learning speech recognition we are able to detect phrases that are very similar and highlight them in case you missed them. Keep an eye out for this check in future uploads as it can be a real embarrassment saver!

You should see the restarted sections highlighted in the player at the top of the screen. Click the section to start playing from that point.

Whilst you’re here…

Audio Audit is an automatic benchmarking and proofing tool which checks the quality of your podcast MP3 files, giving you peace of mind before you publish.

It checks things like loudness, silences, restarted sentences, encoding, swearing and metadata.

Learn more ⇢Screenshot of an Audio Audit report

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