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Pod Bible Magazine Issue #021

Pulished: 16 June 2022

Pod Bible Magazine issue 21 (June 2022) was released recently. Pod Bible is a UK-based print magazine, podcast and website. The print magazine has a new issue every two months which has mainly interviews with industry experts and recommendations of podcasts to listen to.

This issue features Suruthi Bala & Hannah Maguire from Redhanded, Jess Robinson, The Diary of a CEO and a variety of podcast reviews and recommendations.

The Pod Bible team are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the world of podcasting so we were happy to support their work by advertising with them. The magazine is widely read by podcasters so hopefully it proves to be a good way to reach our audience and make ourselves known.

You can see our print advert on page 6 and we’ll also get a bit of a plug for sponsoring the next few episodes of their podcast. I’m also writing an article for their website which aims to be a mini-guide to improving production quality so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks to Stu Whiffen, Adam Richardson, Francesca Turauskis and Carol for being a pleasure to work with and for the excellent content you produce.

You can read the full issue online here.

Pod Bible #021 cover

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