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Now accepting beta testers

Pulished: 18 February 2022

We’ve reached out to a few podcasters so far and are getting feedback from real users now. As the system is holding up quite well I’m excited to announce that we are extending our beta testing group out to anyone else who is interested.

If you would like to participate in beta testing and give us your feedback you can create your account on our registration page. Your account won’t become active immediately as we are manually reviewing applications just to make sure there is a gradual ramp-up and the system stays responsive. Having said that, it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours at the current sign-up rate.

Once you have had your account approved you will be able to upload audio files and view your generated reports. The best way you can help us is by using the “Leave feedback” form on the report pages or by asking questions using the pink live chat button in the bottom right corner of any page.

Thank you to the people that have helped test so far. I know this process will help make Audio Audit so much better.

Whilst you’re here…

Audio Audit is an automatic benchmarking and proofing tool which checks the quality of your podcast MP3 files, giving you peace of mind before you publish.

It checks things like loudness, silences, restarted sentences, encoding, swearing and metadata.

Learn more ⇢Screenshot of an Audio Audit report

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Creating an account only takes a couple of minutes. You’ll soon be able to start uploading your own audio files and improving your shows.